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Missouri Delta Medical Center is proud to offer comprehensive medical care to the residents of Southeast Missouri. Founded in Sikeston in 1948, Missouri Delta Medical Center is committed to providing high quality, accessible health care services. Missouri Delta Medical Center, in collaboration with community health care providers, offers more than 25 different health services.

Our hospital employs over 600 healthcare providers in departments such as cardiology, labor and delivery, radiology, inpatient rehabilitation, and geriatric psychiatry.

About Us

Missouri Delta Medical Center will assume a leadership role in the provision of health care for all residents in our service area either directly or in cooperation with other providers.

Missouri Delta Medical Center is a not for profit corporation which will strive to provide a complete health care system to residents in the service area either directly or in cooperation with others. Referral agreements will be sought for services not offered locally. The hospital will also actively offer or support appropriate programs to promote the general health, and to meet the rehabilitation, educational and social needs of our service area. Services will be provided to all residents of our service area regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disability.

Missouri Delta will have a continuing commitment to its patients to provide competent and compassionate care in a safe, efficient manner. Cost containment will be continually pursued in an effort to maintain affordable services.

Missouri Delta will have a continuing commitment to its employees to provide opportunities for advancement, a safe work environment, and competitive compensation and benefits. Professional growth will be encouraged and participative management will be promoted at all levels of the organization.

Missouri Delta will have a continuing commitment to its medical staff to foster open dialogue and teamwork within the organization. A support system will be maintained to assist the medical staff in addressing patient care concerns. The medical center will assist in the recruitment and retention of qualified physicians necessary to meet the needs of the service area.

Missouri Delta will have a continuing commitment to be the health resource center for our service area. We will attempt to integrate regional resources to form a comprehensive regional wellness system.


To maintain the trust, confidence, and respect of our patients, employees, and the people within our service area.

To maintain an organizational structure which encourages compassion, flexibility, decisiveness, responsiveness, participation, productivity, and creativity in its employees.

To maintain a primary health care system through appropriate inpatient, outpatient, and emergency services.

To assist patients in obtaining access to secondary and tertiary health care services for our service area directly or by arrangement as hospital financial resources warrant.

To address the new and emerging health care needs of our service area.

To promote health and wellness to the service area through regular educational programs.

To strive in all our endeavors to provide high-quality health care services at the lowest cost necessary to provide for the financial needs of the hospital.

To promote an environment in which physicians can provide quality health care.

To support the local economy by purchasing supplies and services locally when appropriate.

To recruit and maintain a staff of qualified employees.

To provide medical technology and a physical plant consistent with hospital needs and financial resources.

To assist in the maintenance of a qualified medical staff in accordance with the needs of service area.


Missouri Delta Medical Center offers the latest in spine surgery with the addition of the PARE Minimally Invasive Neurospine Institute, led by Joel W. Ray, MD, FACS, a neurosurgeon with Cape Neurosurgical Associates, PC, in Cape Girardeau, Mo. Providing the latest in surgical innovations, Dr. Ray and the medical center's team of qualified healthcare professionals can help reduce pain associated with back and spinal conditions through minimally invasive techniques.

Chronic back pain is a serious health concern for adults in the U.S. Each year, nearly 75 million physician office visits and more than 125 million hospital visits occur due to musculoskeletal and spine conditions. In fact, four out of every five U.S. adults report having had back pain at some point in their adult life, and approximately 4.6 million Americans will need back surgery.

“Back pain is a frustrating ailment and is the leading cause of missed work days for adults under the age of 45,”says Missouri Delta Medical Center's CEO, Mr. Charles Ancell. “At Missouri Delta Medical Center, we remain focused on the healthcare needs of our patients, and work to ensure the medical services most needed are available today and for the future.”

“I am pleased to be joining the team at Missouri Delta Medical Center,” says Joel W. Ray, MD, FACS. “The hospital is committed to assuring the best clinical outcomes for patients in a compassionate, caring environment. Coupled with the advancements in minimally invasive surgery, Missouri Delta Medical Center offers an excellent resource for those suffering from
back pain.”

There are many non-surgical, or conservative, and surgical treatment options for conditions of the back and spine. The PARE Minimally Invasive Neurospine Institute will implement the most appropriate course of treatment for the patient and their condition, utilizing a multi-disciplinary team approach to medicine. “The concept of PARE is visualized in a team of professionals all working in unison to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient,” explains Dr. Ray. “If physical therapy is a viable option that could positively impact the patient's condition, it will be prescribed. If the patient needs surgery, we will work diligently to get the pain resolved, and the patient will be educated and consulted about their options each step of the way.”

The focus of the PARE Minimally Invasive Neurospine Institute is on the patient and their positive outcomes. “The small incisions used during surgery, the expansive education of the patient prior to and following surgery, the quality rehabilitation programming, and the hospital's dedicated staff all equate to positive outcomes for the patient,” adds Dr. Ray.
Jim Henson, Vice President of Human Resources, says, “With the first case scheduled for early October, our team is working diligently to prepare the state-of-the-art operating room and clinic area.”

Following the minimally invasive surgery, patients will recover in one of the newly designed rooms on our patient care floors. “If you haven't visited one of these renovated patient floors lately, you will find the focus on the future of healthcare is evident throughout Missouri Delta Medical Center,” says Henson.

Each of the patient care rooms on floors 2F and 3H are private with flat panel TVs and new furniture. The décor provides a calming atmosphere, and the central nurses stations add to the enhanced efficiencies on each unit. In addition, the newly renovated surgical services floor offers private rooms for both inpatient and outpatient guests.
“At Missouri Delta Medical Center, we are committed to providing excellent care for our patients, and the addition of the spine program is a true testament to that commitment,” adds Ancell. “We welcome Dr. Ray to our medical team at Missouri Delta and are confident in the spine care alternative that area residents now have at our facility.”
For more information on the Missouri Delta PARE Minimally Invasive Neurospine Institute, call Sharon Urhahn, Marketing Director, at 573-472-7329.

Support Groups And Events

Grief Support Group
Every other Thursday for 8 sessions
6:00pm – 7:30pm
Eagles Room
For more information or to register for the class, please contact Sandy Robison at 472-7441

Alzheimer's Support Group
1st Wednesday of each month
Hux Room

Arthritis Exercise Classes
Every Monday and Thursday
1:00pm- 2:00pm
Missouri Delta Medical Center Classroom
For more information, please contact Angela Moore with ReStart Rehabilitation Services at 472-7375

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